Question to DefaultNodeSettingsPane


I try to implement a configuration dialog which offers the selection of a column by a combobox and dependent from this selection another combobox should show the domain values of the selected column. Is it possible to implement it with a DefaultNodeSettingsPane.

My approach was to override the "loadSettingsFrom()"-method but now I'm stucked. I can extract the domain values but I don't know how to fill it into the dialog component.

Would be nice to get a little hint.

We have an online developer guide that explains step-by-step how to use the default dialog components, please check it out. You need to extend the DefaultNodeSettingsPane and simply add all needed components together with their settings model within the constructor. The same has to be implemented for the NodeModel where you holds those settings models.

I know the basics of how to use the default dialog components, but I cannot find an example where the selection of one component makes another component showing different content.


Component 1: combobox with column names.

Component 2: combobox with all domain values of the currently selected column of component 1.

(Did I miss a part of the documentation?)

I assume you are looking for the DialogComponentStringSelection#replaceListItems method/class to override the current list of values. In addition, you need register a listener to the settings model to react on changes on the selection of the first combobox. We recommend to have this implemented in a static method that creates and returns this settings model where both, model and dialog, have access to.

Thanks a lot, that is the method, I was looking for. No idea, why I did not find it when browsing the API...