Question URI format when using File Meta Info

I want to get the date of last modification of files using the File Meta Info. I convert the URL coming from the List Files node into URI. It works fine when I use the address of a local drive (file:/X:/folder-name/Knime_Import/export.XLSX), but not, when I use the absolute path (file://servername/folder/Knime_Import/export.XLSX). The file Meta Info node does not accept it.

What do I have to do if I want to use the absolute path?



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Have you tried to check if the List Remote Files node comes up with a URI and if you could re-use that syntax.

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I had not, but did now. No changes: Both List Files node and List Remote Files node return the files in the directory correctly. If I put this through to the File Meta Node (either directly or via String to URI) I get an “false” in the “Exists” column and empty cells for Sitze, Last Modified, …

Any ideas?

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