Questions on loops

A few questions on loops.

  1. When stopping (pausing) a loop, is it possible to see the current content of the output ports? It seems they remain completely empty until the loop has gone through all iterations.
  2. Is it possible to have more than one iteration of a loop running in paralel? I have a group-loop that runs for a long time. but only uses less than 50% CPU. I think it might go faster if the looping mechanism just ran more than one iteration at the same time on a different thread.



Hi Tim, 

1) There is no easy way to do this automatically but you could write out temporary files in the workflow using a KNIME Table writer.  You could use a url like: knime://knime.workflow/<current_iteration>.table or a create temp dir node as storage options for the file to keep them handy. 

2) The only way I can think of to do this is by manually branching the workflow.  For this you would simply use a pair of  nominal value row filters to get two groups of roughly the same size.  From there you can simply copy & paste the loop onto the 2nd branch.  It's not a beautiful colution, but could help.