Quick form labels

How can I force the quick form label to be displayed against the quick form field?
I have a serie of quick forms that I want to be displayed on the same lines. I use the wrapped metanode basic layout to set the quick form fields to be displayed on the same row, specifying the column width for each.
The labels are always displayed above the quick form fields. I cannot get them displayed on the left side of the quick field. Can you help me do fix this?

Hi Claire,

the best way to customise the appearance of Quickforms (and JavaScript views) is to provide your own CSS style rules and feed them into the nodes. You can easily do this with the new ‘CSS Editor’ node and by following the documentation at https://docs.knime.com/latest/analytics_platform_css_guide/index.html. Please note that the CSS Editor is available only in the latest KNIME AP 3.7, however the CSS feature itself was already added in 3.6. If you need to use an older version of the Analytics Platform you can use a ‘Generic JavaScript View’ to write your CSS, export that as a flow variable and feed that into the appropriate nodes.

For your convenience I created a small example workflow with three Quickform nodes that display their labels inline to get an idea about the process. Note that the labels will still break when the display area for the Quickforms becomes too small.
Inline Quickform Labels.knwf (11.5 KB)
Hope this helps you.

Best regards,


Hi Christian,
Thanks for your answer and the workflow. I’ll give it a try.