Quick Form node


Is there a Quick form node I can use to select a directory instead of only a spefic file in that directory (file upload node)?

I'm interesting in reading a directory content and all files in that directory;  how can I do this?

Thanks in advance for your help,




Hi Claire, 

not now. But this is on our feature list to be in a KNIME Version very soon :-)

Best, Iris  

PS: the workaround is to choose the file and afterwards use the folder... 

there is a work-around: either you use

String Input (Legacy), but there you will have to type the path or copy/paste it there.

Then pass this as variable to the List Files nodes.

Alternatively, if you still want to use a browse function, you could use

File Upload (legacy) where you select any file within your directory. From there you can either use Java Edit Variable to remove the ending and then pass the outcome to list-file, or if you don't like that you can use string to url where you receive the path in a column which in turn can be used with the file list node.

Thanks a lot Guys, that's what I ended up doing.  Getting the first file and then the directory from it...