Quick Node Insertion intermittently not working

I like the shortcut key Ctrl-Space for Quick Node Insertion. I use it all the time.

But one thing has been bugging me for a while now, and I would really, really like to know how to fix this: at certain moments, hitting Ctrl-Space does not make the Quick Node Insertion appear  anymore. Instead it seems to toggle the selection of the currently selected node (if any).

Then, for some reason, after working some time on the workflow, it works again, and properly shows the Quick Node Insertion window.

Why is this? I haven't figured out what it is that triggers this behaviour. Sometimes the only way to get it to work again is to close and restart Knime.

Anybody else have this problem? Anybody have a solution?



Honestly, I have had that problem in the past a couple times, too. Unfortunately I'm also one of the developers so can't blame others...

I have yet to come to bottom of this -- it has only happened in the product build, which makes debugging tricky.

On a related note: Starting 3.2 this "pop-out" will be removed. Instead the search box above the node repository will get focus and you can use it just like you did before with the quick node insertation dialog. There were few users suggesting that it's better to have only one place for the search + you can use some of the new shortcuts like dragging a node onto an existing node or connection and it would replace.

Anyway, if you detect a pattern how to reproduce it I am VERY interesting in that recipe.