Quickform and JavascriptView in one wrapped metanode possible?

I tried to combine a Autocomplete-text-input quickform with some plots in one wrapped metanode. I want to let the user choose a variable and then the corresponding timeserie should be viewed in a scatter and line plot and table view.

the wrapped metanode get’s not a configuration window although a quickform is contained, why?

the selection in the quickform view does not affect the plots and table. How to connect the interaction?

the value selection in the scatter plot affects the rows in the table but not the line plot. How can I do this?

Thanks in advance for any hints,

Hi Sabine,

which KNIME version are you using currently?


I’m using version 3.7.2.


Regarding the first part of your question - this will be (similar to what you need) possible in the new released version (coming end of the month). Then you will be able to create a view with possibilities to select properties and this will interactively be updating your plots.

To answer your other questions I would need to see an example workflow. If you could attach one with some dummy data that would help!

Hi Martyna,

now I’ve prepared an example workflow. Some data and name/unit will be read from csv-files. In the wrapped metanode view I have the select-interaction between scatter plot and table. When I zoom in the scatter plot i like to have the same zoom in the line plot.
I am also wondering that the x-time-scale is not shown correctly. I don’t have this problem when working in my original workflow. I have no idea for the reason, the data seems to be correct.

Best regards
WrappedMetanodeInteraction.zip (85.7 KB)

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