Quickform Date Input

I am trying to use a Date Input as input for a Database Row Filter. The output seems to be a string, so I have tried converting the string using a python node, but the sql build fails.

Is there any other easy way to convert a string variable to a date variable ?


Hi Selepo,

we don't have date variables with in the KNIME Software. 

What you can do is convert the string variable into a table and than use the string to date/time node.

Best, Iris

What I'm trying to do is use a quickform as filter in a query for a Oracle DB. 

Oracle won't let me use the string... 

Not sure how I could make this happen, I can using a quickform create a table with a date as you propose but I end up with a table (1x1) with a date. Wouldn't I need it as a flow-variable to use as the value in the row filter ?

I guess I'm doing something wrong, this should be kind a of a frequent thing to use given tha you support quickform as input for the webportal...

why don't you just use CAST to convert the string into a date, or other possibility DATEFROMPARTS?