QuickForm for pasted lists?

Hello all,

A common requirement for my workflows is that in addition to providing a set of parameters, the user will paste a list of strings as input to the workflow. Right now, the parameters are handled quite well via QuickForm nodes, but the list input isn't handled nearly as elegantly.

Currently, the user needs to separately open an existing Table Creator node, delete the existing content, remane the column header if they accidentlly deleted it, then paste in their list of data and close the configure dialog.

Is there a QuickForm way to allow the user to paste his data directly into the Quickform GUI without needing to mess with Table Creator nodes? 




if I understood your use case correctly the List Box Input node should do exactly what you want. You only need to define a seperator sign for your list. The default in the legacy nodes is ',' the default in the new QuickForms is '\n' which is a line break. This will create a table for you with a configurable column name, that contains the values in rows.

Let me know if this works for you.