Quickform input nodes (not legacy) interactive view error

After I upgraded to KNIME 3.5, the Quickform input nodes throw error every time I try to open them in interactive view. The error window comes up in the background, and the interactive view window shows up with no variable control, just the frame with the standard buttons in the bottom right corner.

Console says "The interactive view for node 'Integer Input 2:1' has thrown a 'WebDriverException'. That is most likely an implementation error."

The error window message has the words:

"unknown error: seleniumKnimeBridge is not defined (Session info: chrome=62.0.3" etc. etc.

Did anyone experience the anything like that? Worked fine in KNIME 3.4.


Thank you,


Fixed (I hope) by replacing the web driver in one of KNIME plugin folders with the latest downloaded from Chromium project.

So far the nodes work as expected.