Quickform nodes feature requests

Hi All,

With the quick form nodes, I am noticing a potential limitation so far in that the user can only enter a single value into one of these.

Is it possible to have a few new quickform nodes;

- MultiString Input Loop Start

- MultiDouble Input Loop Start

- MultiInteger Input Loop Start

- String Check Boxes Loop Start

- Multi-Chemical Sketcher Loop Start

The workflow builder can then use a Loop End node at some point, and this way it will allow the web portal interface to accept multiple entries at a time going into the workflow.

This would be great.


I would add to this:

  • A chem sketcher node
  • Input and Output folder select (as opposed to file select)
  • Table entry
  • Ability to populate a quickform node having run some preceding nodes first to generate a list of available values

So, I think what I am saying to some extent is any of the existing 'Starter' nodes being configurable via webport!  Likewise, if it became possible to use the 'blue' viewer-type nodes in a similar fashion that would be fantastically useful


Hi Steve,

Absolutely, I was just going to post also about wanting some of the viewer nodes being available, i.e. Interactive Table Viewer in particular, and some of the chart viewers.

The ability to have the Table Creator as a quickform node would also be very useful.


In terms of a chemical sketcher, this is in development by the Indigo team, hopefully we'll have this available soon.



Hi All

Does anyone know if there's any way to get around this type of issue? I'd love to have the ability to query a user multiple times inside a loop on from the webportal.

Right now it looks like the Quickform nodes only pop up once time even if they're inside a loop where all the other nodes get reset etc..



We are currently working on a redesign of this part of KNIME. This particular aspect hasn't been fleshed out yet but w should have more details before too long