Quickform webpage with selection based content


Is it possible to show via quickforms on a server webpage the content based on a selection that is done on this same page?
What I want to do is select something from a list, then use that to fill a second list and select from that, and then show plots based on both selections.
This is possible by making separate wrapped metanodes for each selection action and final plots. But then I have have to go from one page to the next.

Thanks in advance, Patrick

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Dear @pfpmeijers,

unfortunately this works only page by page at the moment. However, this would be a nice addition to the WebPortal functionality. I’ll add a +1 to the feature request.


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This WebPortal functionality, is that also open source, with possible contributions from the “community”?



Hi @pfpmeijers

no the webportal is part of our commercial offerings.
Thats why it is also not open source.

Best wishes, Iris



Hum, pitty. Could be a showstopper if our UX developers define this is mandatory requirement.