QuickForms and "Extract Time Window" Node

Hey All,

I am working on adding quick forms to an existing workflow.  I would like to give reporting users the ability to extract the report based on a date range.  To that end, I have the Extract Time Window node tied to two Date (String) Input nodes (start date and end date) through the Merge Variables node.

However, the Extract Time Window node cannot parse the variable input of YYYY-MM-DDT01:01:01.001 as a date and the Date (String) Input node will not allow a change of date string format...

Any suggestions on how to get this working?  Thanks,


Hi Mark,


so this is a little bit tricky as we currently don't have flow variables supporting date and time cells.

You can resolve this using the Time Difference node, which calculates the difference (e.g. in miliseconds) from your time to a fixed time.

I tried it out and it works. Please be careful, the three time difference nodes in the workflow need to calculate the difference to the same point in time.

Hope this works for you,

cheers, Iris

And in the name of diversity, here is another option which uses binning and a row filter. 





This is a pretty cool solution Aaron!

I just learned a new node :)

To be fair, me too, credit goes to Bernd :)