Quickforms rendering order

Within my master thesis I use KNIME. Since yesterday I'm using the current KNIME version 3.3.1 with the new Quickforms nodes (KNIME 2.12 before). In addition I'm using the WebPortal (within KNIME Server 4.2) to display a UI.

In the legacy Quickforms nodes there was an option (weight) to change and influence the rendering order of a web form e.g. to display a quick explanation what to do above everything else. I couldn't find this option in any of the new Quickforms nodes.

While I appreciate the new nodes, especially the capability to realize Input/Output loops, I would like to know if there is a way to rearrange the rendering order in the forms displayed by WebPortal right now.

Thanks in advance!

Dear Bone90,

when you are inside the wrapped node, please go to Node - > Wrapped Node Layout.

Here you can edit the layout. How this can be edited is described in the Webportal guide.

If you need the link, please write me via our contact form in my profile.

Best, Iris

Thanks! I found the setting for the wrapped node layout.