Quickforms usage: select multiple items and associate a value to each one of them

Hi guys,

I’m trying to introduce some variables into a metanode using quickforms but I don’t know if what I want to do is currently possible. In practice I need to select multiple items from a certain list (currently I’m doing it with the Value Selection quickform node) and associate to each one of the selected items a certain value (manually introduced). The problem is that the number of items to select is variable. Is that possible using some combination of quickforms?

Thanks in advance

Hi gcincilla, 

I would suggest using a Table View (JavaScript) node, where you could output and select your items. After applying the changes, the output table will contain the input data and an additional column with boolean values indicating whether item was selected or not. You can also encapsulate it to a wrapped meta node, however, you will have to execute it and open the view, to see the table. 


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