R and workflow variables


how can I use a workflow variable in a R snippet or R view?
I.e. I want to set the path of an image that I create outside the node, actually through the command line execution of the batch mode…



You can think R snippet as a R software,but just something different. So I think you can use R snippet to do something on the picture created before .

Sorry, I guess I was not clear. I am actually using the R node to create an image. With outside I actually meant I am creating the image as e.g. png and control the location myself. The normal R view node writes a static image to the tmp folder with a random. I want to control where the image is being stored. And I want to use a workflow variable to store the filename/path to that image/file. If this is possible I can change the file name from the command line in BATCH execution without copying all the R code.
Sorry for the confusion. I hope it is clearer now.