R cannot be initialized. Exception occured during R initialization.

Dear Community, 

I recently upgraded from KNIME 2.11 to KNIME 3.3 on Windows 7 using the self-extracting zip installation. 

I have been using the R statistics integration nodes in 2.11 but now I cannot initialize those nodes. 

At the beginning, KNIME console threw the message related to R library "Rserve" was not installed. 

But after the installation, I still cannot initialize the nodes. 

I wonder if anything else I can check. 


Thank you, 



######### UPDATE

Instead of using my original R installation, I restored to the default using the copy provided by KNIME. 

And it worked. 

Still do not understand why R nodes cannot be initialized when "path to R Home" is set to my original R installation.





one reason might be that you are missing the rjava package.


Best regards, Iris