R cannot be initialized -


I just installed KNIME 3.1.0 on Mac OS X (10.11.2). Whenever I try to integrate any R related node, it gives an error in the console: "R cannot be initialized. Exception occured during R initialization."

I tried re-installing and checked the path in the preferences but could not get it to run. 

Any idea what could cause this issue?


UPDATE: Checking the log file gives me the following error:

"DEBUG : R Error Reader : RBinUtil :  :  : External Rscript process error output: Warnmeldung:'memory.limit()' is Windows-specific"


We just published some fixes related to the R integration on the online update site. Can you perform an "File" -> "Update KNIME..." and see if that helps.

Hi, there is a small progress. After installing your updates and the package cairo most things (like R View) seem to work again. I still have problems with fix(),edit() or data.entry() which is the only way to edit data within a workflow. With these commands there is no error message but the node hangs. Apparently XQuartz is not started automatically as usually.

Best regards, Jerry


Thanks a lot! 

It seems to work now after the update.