R in Knime


Hello Knime users,
I am quite new to Knime but learnt to use Knime nodes. Now I need to use R in knime, installed R scripting within KNIME from community extension. I can see R snippet and others under R scripting but I have no idea where to write all R codes? Please help me out. I need to use C5.0 classification algorithm which is not available.
Also, if you could tell me whether pearson’s correlation based-feature selection is available in KNIME or not.

I can see some package for C 5.0 decision tree algorithm for R, but no idea whether I can use that within KNIME or not.

Any informative suggestions will be highly appreciated. Thank you so much!



Thank you for your questions, we are happy to help!
If you use the R Snippet from the community extensions, you can write your code in the tab “Script Editor”. However, I would recommend to use the R Snippet under Scripting/R Snippet. Here you see the dialogue right away when you configure the node and you have features like syntax highlighting etc.
The implementation of the decision tree in KNIME Analytics Platform is based on the C4.5 algorithm, but you should be able to use the C.50 R package with library(C50) in your R code.
The node “Linear Correlation” allows you to calculate Pearson’s product-moment coefficient aka Pearson correlation coefficient, the Correlation Filter node then enables the filtering.

Hope that helps,