R learner and caret

Hi everyone,

When i use R find very useful the package Caret for modeling, but i can't export models in knime via pmml due compatibilty problems.  So i tried to use R learner to avoid the exportation of models but when i try to load the package caret doesn't work. Any suggestions?

Dear cosimotoma,

You would need to install the caret package if it is not installed.

You can do that in the R Learner node by using the following script: install.packages("caret")

Hope that helps,



thanks now It's a little more clear.

but this behaviour rise me two questions: the package it's saved in a temporary directory? there is a way to save all the used packages?

thank you in advance

problem solved:  the snipped was working with the default distro that comes with the plugin(3.3) and for this reason some package built with the update version didn't work.

After I choose in preferences>KNIME>R the path of my custom and updated R distro everythong worked Ok.

thank you