R scripting from imagej table

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I have a result table from imagej macros , this table is from processing some images(IMG_0007 IMG_0006) I want to make from this table a summary table results with an R code. each Row related to one image with the name off the image , in colums I want to find mean valueor std or median .

Like you see here for exemple i want to search median , mean,std value length for Area and Major for all Row ID started by Img_006 and for IMG_007 separately ect …

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Does it have to be R? You can also easily do this in KNIME. First extract the prefix you want to group by with a String Manipulation and the following expression:

substr($$ROWID$$, 0, indexOf($$ROWID$$, "."))

Store the result in a new column, then you can use a GroupBy node to group by the newly created column and under “Manual Aggregation” you can calculate all the statistics you need. What you you mean with “std value length”, though? Standard deviation? That’s also possible with the GroupBy node.
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Thank you @AlexanderFillbrunn for this solution, I used the String Manipulation node to get a new column with the name of image but I used R node for the other statistical analysis, the problem is solved .
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