R Snippet (2:1) no console in configuration

Facing some problems with my R Snippet (2:1).
The console is not shown in configuration. Is it a bug or has it a specific reason? The console will be very helpful for evaluating my script.
Many thanks in advance,

@larsgrohmann with the R community nodes you will have to start R in an additional R/RStudio instance:

Which R scripting extension do you have?
With the “KNIME Interactive R Statistics Integration” the R Snippet window looks like this:

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I have installed V 4.4.2.
My community nodes R Snippet and R Snippet (2:1) did not have a console view.
The “regular” R Snippet (top in my screenshot has console and workspace.
Your screenshot is looking like my regular R Snippet but not like the ones from community nodes.

Yeah, the “regular” R Snippet is from the “KNIME Interactive R Statistics Integration”, the R extension I have installed.
I don’t have the community extension installed, so I’m afraid I can’t help you. :frowning:

You’re right though that the console is super helpful during debugging, but as I mentioned, I don’t know whether or not the community extensions have one.

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