R-snippet Dataspec Problem

Hello Knime Tech

I’ve recently created yet another RGG script for making reports.
This was no problem, it works, but at the end of the script, the node gives me the following errors

ERROR     R Snippet     CODING PROBLEM    DataSpec generated by configure does not match spec after execution.
ERROR     R Snippet     DataSpec generated by configure does not match spec after execution.

I think this is an error from inside the source code and not from R.
I’m going to look into the source code, but perhaps you guys know how this happens?

Kind regards

Hi Kris,

This message is issued from the KNIME framework stating that the table structure=spec of the table generated during execution of this node is different from the one generated during configured. If your node already knows during configure time how the final data structure will look like, then you can return the new spec; otherwise you need to return an DataTableSpec array with null-element(s) during configure. However, if this node has been automatically created using the RGG functionality, the authors of this package, http://tech.knime.org/community-scripting, probably need to jump in here...?

Regards, Thomas

Ok, the solutions seems to be:

- Go to the script output tab

- Uncheck "Append columns to input table" at the bottom

But this leaves me with more questions then I had before. What does this function do and how does it work?


Regards Kris

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