R Snippet Node Implementation in KNIME

Hi All,

I’m new to implement Python/R node in KNIME.
Is there any way to implement R code below with table input of Test data excel below?
I tried to make a workflow but have no idea how to implement the code below.

Would appreciate if can provide example workflow as well :slight_smile:


RMD Code

Test Data.xlsx (84.4 KB)

Hi @andersenyunan -

Is there a particular bit you’d want to focus on? That code is pretty far ranging, and is intended to compare performance of several different clustering algorithms. Plus, it generates an R markdown document, so we would need to pick out code of interest to pull into KNIME.

What kind of output would you like to see - clustered points from your own data, presumably? Is there a particular algorithm that is more useful to you than others?

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Hi @ScottF

I’m trying to get an algorithm to get me clustered size results in same size or range size results and seeing the algorithm in the link seems visible to get this.

For example, of 1000 points of data divided into 5 clustered to get 5 cluster with 200 size in each cluster or 5 cluster with range 180-220 in size.

Insights that I got is that I need to customize the algorithm within Python/R to get the results that I want and the closest that I got this far is to implement the algorithm within R snippet code.

Any idea on this?

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