R Snippets / Rserve version warnings

Dear Knime community,

can you tell me, since when R scripting nodes are relying on package Rserve? Has something changed in the shorterm or haven’t I just been aware R snippets were allwas using Rserve?

Moreover, I am experiencing warnings stating that all Rserve versions below or equal to 1.8.6 aren’t optimal (in other words buggy) for deploying R Snippet Nodes. That happened to me with several KNIME versions (3.5x and 3.6.1) Unfortunately there is no newer version of Rserve than 1.8-5, unless I missed on something here.

I’d be happy, if somebody could elaborate briefly on this topic or share potential fixes.

Thanks in advance,datastic

There is a Version 1.8.6 and it is recommended to use it. But you would have to install it like this:

Unfortunately, R is throwing errors, when trying to build Rserve from source. I probably don’t have all the prerequisites for the compilation.

Is there another way to get a compiled version of Rserve 1.8.6?

You may also install an earlier R version instead, e.g. 3.4.3, if you don’t depend on changes in the R 3.5 versions.

Is there another way to get a compiled version of Rserve 1.8.6?

You could try omitting the type="source" parameter, it may work. If it fails, it will fall back to asking you whether you want to be building from source instead, though.

If you run MacOS you might have to install additional software in order to compile packages

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