R Source (Table) CRASH

Hello folks,

I just wanted to let you know, that the R Source (Table) node crashes when reading big CSV files (8 to 9 Gigabytes):

ERROR     R Source (Table)                   Execute failed: Execution of R script failed: > setwd("C:/KNIME 2.9.0 Temp Files");

Simultaneously a window pops up with the following content:

  Problemereignisname:    APPCRASH
  Anwendungsname:    Rterm.exe
  Anwendungsversion:    3.1.62743.0
  Anwendungszeitstempel:    5194b569
  Fehlermodulname:    R.dll
  Fehlermodulversion:    3.1.62743.0
  Fehlermodulzeitstempel:    5194b55f
  Ausnahmecode:    c00000fd
  Ausnahmeoffset:    0021d763
  Betriebsystemversion:    6.1.7601.
  Gebietsschema-ID:    1031
  Zusatzinformation 1:    0512
  Zusatzinformation 2:    0512d81bc4e3be06e25d9f953d6b439d
  Zusatzinformation 3:    83b2
  Zusatzinformation 4:    83b2da275f56d9d0e42c083636c48e78


This looks more like a problem in R than in KNIME. Can you try to read the same file in plain R?

You are right, it seems to be a problem in R. Actually, the import works fine, but calling the variable/data matrix/table leads to the same error message.