Random Forest PMML output

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@AlexanderFillbrunn, @mlauber71,

I have done the Random Forest, now I need to get that output in PMML file.

Please help me here with workflow also in the PMML output I want probability of 1.

I think you would have to elaborate further what you want to do. A sample workflow with random forest can be found here

Then you might want to consider what @nemad wrote in this entry

From my experience complex PMML models tend not to be too stable besides the claim of offering wide range compatibility.


Thanks for your reply. Can you please suggest how to get that output in PMML file?

Also, if you extract output in PMML will I get decision boundaries (either zero or one) or probabilities as prediction?


offers the possibility of extracting probabilities although I have experienced problems with the PMML models from the mentioned example. This could be because with the conversion to PMML a relative modest model increases in size dramatically.

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