Random Forest Predictor model Responce

Hi, i am trying to build a random forest regressor based on Python. I have succesfully run my data on KNIME.
There is a Parameter in the Nodepit “ramdom forest Predictor” called “Prediction Variance”, which is discriebed as “containing the variance of all model responses”.
Do anyone know how to calculate this Parameter?
Thank you!

Guten Tag, ich habe mit Hilfe von KNIME einem Datensatz trainiert. Das Ergebnis sieht gut aus. Jetzt möchte ich diesem KNIME-Workflow an Python implementieren. Es gab ein Parameter heißt “Prediction Variance”. Wie kann man diesem Parameter berechnen?
Vielen Dank im voraus!

Hi @Yan_Li,
You need to look into the documentation of the random forest implementation in the Python library you are using to figure out how you can get that value from it. This value describes how much the prediction varies between the different trees in the forest.


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thank you very much!