Random forest: Target column does not have values assigned.

Hi folks,

On the Random Forest learner:

I have data with 15 value columns and 1 value column that needs to be predicted. The attributes have been read as Double, the target as String (to define a nominal value). However, the Random Forest learner, does not accept the data, shwoing the following error message: Execute failed: The target column does not have possible values assigned. Most likely it has too many different distinct values (learning an ID column?) Fix it by preprocessing the table using a "Domain Calculator".

It does not matter what data is put in: neither the original values [0,1] nor the autoscaled values (so the ensemble avg=0, std=1) is accepted. I would appreciate to get some clues.

Please do provide more helpful clues: the error message is not helpful at all, because it's absolutely a miracle why a value with a continuous range of double value is considered invalid input.




If you read the error message carefully it tells you that the problem is the target column and not any of the attribute columns. Did you insert a Domain Calculator node before the Random Forrest Learner as suggested by the message?