Range IP/Ports to Knime.org

Team, good afternoon.

I like to reagards about one single question.

At my work, I need to make a single documment ruler to firewall unblock (or whitelist).

So, What are the ip list (and port´s) to include in my list ?

(My supose is knime.org - 134.34.326.$$$ where "$$$"  was a ip range and ports 80 and 443)

Obs: This case will different to publicserver.knime.org port 47037 - IP: 82.165.135.$$$.

Is there anything important range IP ?

Regards e Thanks.



We are currently using several non-consecutive IP addresses. However, they may change in the near future. Currently you should allow

  • www.knime.org
  • download.knime.org
  • publicserver.knime.org