Rank Correlation Node - Problematic File Structure


As part of a workflow, I am using the Rank Correlation node to filter a series of Morgan Fingerprints. I am only using the resulting correlation model, however port 4 of the node generates a rank table.

I’m not very proficient in the backed of the workflow: but it appears to me that this data is saved in the workspace as a series of nested folders were each column contains a folder to the next. With an two data files, a spec file and an r0 folder contain again: two data files, a spec file and an r0 folder for the same number of columns in the table.

This results in a filepath length (C:\Users\2197929M\knime-workspace\Classification Template\Fingerprint (#13)\Rank Correlation (#4)\port_4\r0\r0\r0…\r0\r0\r0) that causes problems in saving and transferring workflows, occasionally crippling backups to my one-drive for all files since it is trying to resolve this issue it cannot parse.

Is this the intended file structure, can it be modified, or is there a way to disable the generation of the rank table in order to resolve the issues in my backup?

Hope this makes sense
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