Rank multiple columns

I’m fairly new to KNIME.

I have a question, is it in any way possible to rank multiple colums at once?

The rank node unfortunately only lets you rank one column at a time, but I want to rank multiple (more than 100) columns at a time.


Hi @shasster welcome to KNIME forum

If you want to rank multiple columns at once you can do it with a column list loop.

You can rank every column. In this example I used a column filter to remove the original column. If that is not the purpose you can remove it, but then you have to adjust the Column Rename (revert name) node. Here is the workflowrank_multiple_columns.knwf (28.7 KB)
gr. Hans


Hi @HansS,

thank you very much for the quick reply and absolutely perfect solution. Your example is exactly what I needed and works like a charm.



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