Rank node


I'm a new user on knime and i'm looking for the rank node. I find explanations on the documentation guide but I can't use it directly.

Do I need to download a special extension or a new version of platform?

Thank you for your help.

Hope my question is not idiot


Hello Fab,

which version of the KNIME AP are You using?

The Rank node was added with version 3.0 and is part of the base KNIME AP (without any extensions).
In the node repository it is located under Manipulation/Row/Transform.

Hope that helps.



Thank you very much for your quick answer. I'm using an older version 2.12.

I checked with the menu 'Update Knime', but he answered 'No update available'. So I wiil try a different way to update.

You cannot update from 2.12 to 3.x. You have to use a fresh installation.