Re-execution and legacy mode


I want to use the new KNIME feature to re-execute a widget based on the selection made. However, this only works as long as I do not select the legacy mode for the component layout. Why does the automatic re-execution not work in the legacy layout mode? Can I change some settings that makes it work?


Hey Saskia,

if you select the legacy layout mode the widgets are using legacy code which did not get this new feature.
Is there any reason why you want to use the widgets in legacy mode?


Hey Daniel,

I use a lot of HTML and CSS styling for my components to make them look nice and clean. And for that I need the legacy moder, correct?

Best Saskia

Yes, that is true. If you want to use custom CSS styling in the Analytics Platform you have to use the legacy mode. If you work on the server you can also have a look at the theming, which enables you to adjust the new widgets to your needs.
But I get the point, that you want to be able to use CSS to apply a custom style to your widgets.
I will open a ticket for this request and update this thread once there is an update.


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