Re-run Recursive Loop due variable class


I’m new to KNIME. I was doing a recursive loop to get a dependent variation (t0 / t1) * last_result. Everything works “fine” (my workflow is pretty inefficient.

The problem is that when I run it, the first step works fine, but in the second one I get this error: Number (double) and does not comply with its supposed superclass Number (integer). If I re-run it manually works normally.

I have read that the error shows in some file-reading mistakes but I’m using a Table Creator with 10 test numbers. And also about using Try-Catch nodes but I don’t understand them.

Thanks in advance.

loop.knwf (38.9 KB)

Hi @darnelb19 and welcome to KNIME Community Forum,

The problem with your flow is that the joiner node before the recursive loop end is changing the order of columns. As you can see in the error message, it says the type is changed for column “index 0”.

You can simply use the Column Resorter node after the joiner to keep the same order of columns.


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Hi @armingrudd

Thank you so much for the help and the welcome! I didn’t realize that error. I changed it and worked fine :star:

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