Reaction Automapper errors

Hi Mikhail,

I seem to be getting some issues with the Reaction Automapper node in Indigo. It causes the node to freeze at a certain percentage, and with the following errors. I eventually have to manually cancel the node, as it doesnt proceed to completion. The number of reactions its processing is 643. These came about from a RXN column with A atoms, and then I used the Query Reaction to Indigo node, followed by the Reaction Automapper which is where the errors started.



ERROR Buffer CODING PROBLEM Writing cells to temporary buffer must not throw NullPointerException

ERROR Reaction Automapper Execute failed: Error while writing to buffer, failed to write to file "knime_container_20111130_7319659726554907343.bin.gz": No details available

I have just noticed that if the memory policy is changed to "Keep all in memory" then it works, but the two other options result in the errors "Write tables to disk" and "Keep only small tables in memory".



Hello Simon,

Thank you for providing this bug report. The issue has been fixed, and the updated version is available in the nightly builds.

Best regards,

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