Read 2 CSV files and select if exists

Well i`m new using Knime tools, and I`m with problem to find a workflow(nodes) to the following problem:

I have 2 CSV`s from different years that have commons ID - studentID2015 and studentID2016

I`m looking for a help in compare these files and change a column value if one studentID exists in both CSV`s.

basically in SQL it should looks like :

UPDATE students2015 
SET students2015.aux = '1' 
WHERE students2015.studentsID2015 = students2016.studentsID2016


I hope it was clear what I wrote above,

Any suggestions are welcome,




you can do this by either using the Cell Replacer or the Joiner node. Afterwards there is some cleanup neccessary to get rid of missing values (IDs that weren't present in the old table) and helper-comlumns.

I appended a workflow that illustrates both ways. Hope that helps.



Thanks for the help, Cell Replacer was the best for me!