Read all files in KNIME 4.4.2 in a loop

I want to read all files in a loop but specific sheets among them. Moreover I want to have file path with me. I could do this in earlier KNIME version but now those nodes are depreciated. Can anyone help me to make this flow using all new nodes?

  1. Read all files in a folder
  2. Then read specific sheet
  3. Append all files together
  4. Have the sheet name and file location as separate column

Again I could do this in earlier version but having some issues in newer nodes. I am attaching both new and old flow as well. Thanks!

Loop read.knwf (39.0 KB)

@jamalbutt1232 you could still use the loops to import Excel files.

Maybe this example with the new path variables might help as a start:


I will try to use it. Thank you! But have you developed such flow yet the one I mentioned with specifications? I wanted to have a working example with me

Hello @jamalbutt1232
I prepared this workflow for a different topic earlier this month, but some of the bullets that you mention are covered.

You will have to deal with desired SheetNames to feed the variable as that bullet one is not covered. But the process is similar: Sheet Name to variable and Constan Value Column…



Hello @jamalbutt1232,

it does take a bit to transition from old to new file handling so if you share 2 Excel files (delete real data and add couple of dummy rows) I (or someone else) can take a look and tell you what you are not configuring properly :wink:


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Thank you it helped a lot. Got the solution!


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