Read an excel file, append the existing sheet, and create a new file using flow variable

Hello everyone! I am new to Knime platform and seeking for your advise on how to implement this idea.

I already have an excel template file that needs to append each sheet then create a new file using the variable from flow variable. Using the excel writer node, I am able to append the said sheets.

However my issue is it overwrites the original template that I am currently using. What I am trying to accomplish is to create new file instead after it read and append the template.


@HaroldKnime welcome to the KNIME forum.

Not sure I completely understand your problem but you could copy your Excel file to a new name/location and then append to that file.

You can absolutely read in an excel file, change the file name via a flow variable and write it back with newly appended sheets. Is this what you primarily want to do, or is this a workaround because you are losing your formatting?

The trick to keeping your formatting is that you never overwrite a sheet that contains a template or a working area. Keep the excel output from KNIME on separate support sheets and then reference them as ranges into your template / work area sheets on the excel side.

You can always read in your template sheets if you need that data, just don’t overwrite those sheets back from KNIME.

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You could try the Write to Excel Template Community node in KNIME (you first need to download it)


Very cool share @Daniel_Weikert! I have never seen this before. It looks like it will open up a lot of possibilities.

Thank you so much Daniel! Using this node, I was able to resolve the issue.

Glad to hear that @HaroldKnime .
Please mark my answer as solution so that others can find it in the future easier as well.
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