Read and write from/to a folder in which knime is invoked in batch mode on Windows?

When KNIME is run in batch mode on windows with -workflowFile, entirely new folder is created in temporary files.

I’m unable to provide relative paths in such case for workflow.

What I want is batch command that will execute knime workflow and will read files from folder in which knime is invoked in and will save files to the very same folder.

What I tried:
knime://knime.workflow - this looks up files in workflow folder - which is freshly created in temporary directory with random name - useless
knime://LOCAL - watched video from the course - ain’t working in knime GUI
-workflowDir - this option fails execution entirely with “locked workflow” bug

Are there any other options available?



Using true relative paths does exactly what I want.

“.” will point at a directory in which knime.exe is invoked.

Of course it have unintended side effect of breaking development of that workflow in KNIME which is lunched from shortcut and would point at KNIME installation folder.

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