Read data from database and set node variables

Hi everyone,

I want to set Association Rule Learner (Borgelt) node's variables dynamicaly. I created a table like this


ParamDescription    ParamValue

MinsetSize                  4

Minsupport                  80


 İ also created workflow variables for my workflow (name , datatype etc for each one).


Then, i used to Database reader node to read my parameters, but i dont know how can i pass these values to Knime workflow variables? How can i do that ?

as i said i have more than one variable in my database and i dont know how can i pass that values to my workflow variables?

please help me or recomend another option for this :)



Perhaps you can use the Extract Variables node. Otherwise you could use the string input nodes, under quickforms, just input them as strings and then attach them.

Hello bugra10ur,

Just to recap: You have a Database table with the parameters for a KNIME node. You are able to read this table into the Analytics Platform and now you want to get them into the Association Rule Learner.

To achieve this you want to use the Table Row to Variable node. If you transpose your table it will output all the parameters as flow variables, which you can then feed into the Association Rule Learner.

Hope this helps. If you need more information on Flow Variables have a look at this or ask your questions here.


Firstly thank for your respons. How can i change Table Column to valiable node's Name column items?

This node, returns rowID's and value. i want to replace variable real names in state of RowID 's.

Use the Pivoting node in combination with the Table Row to Variable node. This converts your example table to variables var MinsetSize = 4 and var Minsupport 80.