Read Excel File and Change Header to Upper Case

Hello, pretty green user here. I am able to read in one excel file with multiple tabs and am attempting to "Stack" or merge them into one. One problem that I am running into when merging is new fields are being created in the Concatenate(Optional In) node when columns in the tabs have different case. Is there a way, other than Regex since im not too familiar yet, to alter all the columns to be either upper or lower case so that they merge in one uniform way?

Hi wildbk,


You can use an Extract Column Header node, transpose the extracted headers to get them in one column and after convert the headers to upper or lower case with a String Manipulation node and the upperCase or lowerCase function respectively. An Insert Column Header node then allow you to update column names. 

Please find attached a sample workflow. 




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Is it not possible to do this with column rename (regex) node?

I have tried the regular expressions suggested on other sites

"Find: (\w) Replace With: \L$1"

But these do not work in column rename (regex). I have no idea why.

If anyone knows the correct regex expression for this node, would save a lot of time and hassle for this type of problem.


Almost 2 years later, but still facing this problem. Would be great if “\L$1” worked in Knime. Improvement would save a lot of time.

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