Read Excel file Error

I am trying to use the Excel read node to read some Excel files, but keep getting this error. I am new to Knime, so not familiar with what this error message might be saying. They appear to be normal Excel files, so I am stumped.

ERROR Excel Reader 8:1 Execute failed: no such entry: “EncryptionInfo”, had: [EncryptedPackage, DataSpaces, SummaryInformation, EncryptedSIHash, DocumentSummaryInformation, EncryptedDSIHash]

Hi @kmarrs901

Could you please share (upload here) at least one of your Excel files if the content is not confidential ?

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I can’t share the file, but that gave me an idea to try, and I think I have resolved my issue. Thanks for the offer of assistance.


What was your solution to resolve this issue? I’m having the same issue myself. I think it’s due to the sensitivity settings of the file but I can’t change that within my organization.



My issue was straight forward. One of the files was not in the right format (pdf. Vs. Excel).

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