Read Excel Sheet Names

I would like to read a excel file with multiple sheets in one step. The tables in the different sheets have a different number of content, rows and columns.
Currently I read the excel file separatly, by choosing one sheet and than use the joiner node for all sheets.
Is it mandatory to use a loop after the read excel sheet name node?

Hi @Petra,

I think the Read Excel Sheet Names (XLS) node is what you need.

Here is an example workflow by @HansS:

Reading Multiple Excel file with different sheet names

Or this one by @mlauber71:

Reading Multiple Excel files with different sheet names

If you need more help, it would be a good idea to provide some sample data files.



As I saw this question I started to write a meta collection about how to import data from Excel since this seems to be one of the most frequently asked questions. I try to start with simple scenarios and move up to more complicated ones - giving a short description. Most of these have been answered somewhere in the forum or on the hub - but it might be somewhat confusing searching for them.

I will expand these in the future:


Hi @Petra,

Yes. In case you want to read multiple sheets from same Excel file you need to use loop.

It would be nice to have possibility to do it without loop but it would make sense when all sheets have same structure so you can concatenate all data… And if I got you right you are then joining data from various sheets which would require a joining functionality/configuration within reader node which seems a bit too much in a single node.


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