Read Excel sheets with looping

Hello KNIMERs,

I need some help with the looping.

I want to use a similar loop as the for…next cycle.

I want to read data from an excel file, in the first loop from the sheet “1” in the second loop from the sheet “2” … in the 18th loop from the sheet “18”.

Making table manipulations.

After that writing the data in the n the first loop on the sheet “1” in the second loop on the sheet “2” … in the 18th loop on the sheet “18”.

Thank you for the answers in advance!

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have you checked the sample excel reader flows on the KNIME hub?

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Hello @rolandnemeth,

here is workflow that can help with reading multiple sheets from same Excel file. For your use case node missing is Excel Writer (which seems to replace Excel Sheet Appender functionality from version 4.3.) prior to loop end.

Probably what @Daniel_Weikert had on mind :slight_smile:


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thanks for the support!

Meantime I solved with an R Snippet node, the code is the next.

MACHCTMATRIX <- c(read_excel([[“URI”]],[[“loop_value”]]))
knime.out <- MACHCTMATRIX

The sheetnames are numbers, I get the content of the appropriate sheet from the excel file based on the actual loop value, and catch the file via URI.


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