Read multiple csv, proceed with them and save individually

Hi everyone,

I have little problem.
I’m building an algorithm and I need to load many csv, proceed them individually with some math formula and column filter and after those procedures save each csv separately with name prefix in a subfolder.
I know that I have to build some loop, however, I have a problem with saving each csv to separate files.
I really appreciate any help you can provide.


@wojciechpietrus welcome to the KNIME forum. You might want to take a look at this example. Reading CSV files, creating a (new) file name and exporting that to an Excel file (might also be another format)

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@wojciechpietrus I have updated this example with the new nodes and built in some additional features. The elements might be good to adapt.

There are three sub-folders with CSV files. The folders will be read in the first step and then the individual CSV files.


Per sub-folder there will then be an Excel File that would contain the CSV files as sheets. in the first iteration an existing Excel file would be overwritten and then the sheets would get appended. That also might serve as an example for a CASE SWITCH.


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@mlauber71 Thank you a lot, I really appreciate your effort.
I can use your workflow easy to my algorithm :slight_smile:


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