Read multiple Excel files and append file attribute to each row


i am new to KNIME but so far i like it.

Now i run into my first problem.


I want to read multiple files from a directory and merge them for further analysis. Unfortunately i have to work with bad data. Therefore the only way to relate the data is the date the file was created. I extract the attributes with "File Meta Info".

I can get a merged table, but i cannot get the fileattributes to the tabel. In this case the "last modified" attribute.

Here is my workflow so far.

Can you guide me a bit pls.

Hi Deepdigger

Instead of the Rule-Based Row Filter use the variable to table column node.

This will append the variables from the file meta Info node to the table.

Cheers, Iris


I am new to KNIME. I have multiple excel and csv files I would like to read. Which node should I use for each file type?



Problem solved:

1. "Use List Files" node and point to folder where files are located

2. Add "Table Row To Variable Loop Start" node

3. For csv, add CSV Reader: right click \ click on configure \ click on the flow variable icon right to browse \ click use variable \  select Location in the drop down option then ok and apply.

4. Connect the "Table Row To Start" node to "CSV Reader" : drag a red line starting from the red dot of the "variable" node to the top of the "CSV Reader"

5. Add a "Loop End" node



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