Read multiple sheets from excel and insert into DB- 4.5.1

Hi ,
I am trying to read multiple sheets in a single excel workbook and insert into DB but i am not able to read it. Its currently reading same sheet for multiple times (which is same as number of sheets i have ) so same row is coming

for 6 times but only from first sheet.
Need your help , previously given solution doesnt work on Version 4.5.1 as “XLS reader” node is obsolete now.


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How is the Excel Reader node configured? Have you assigned the appropriate flow variables?

I suspect that you haven’t selected the option to use sheet names.


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Thanks you yes, Now i am able to write into Excel writer but i want to write all these sheets into DB, how to do that. because DB INSERT is giving SChem_name.Table_Name_ITERATION error. saying below:-

Execute failed: [Teradata Database] [TeraJDBC] [Error 3810] [SQLState 42S22] Column/Parameter ‘schema_name_tablename.Iteration’ does not exist.

The Loop End node optionally creates a new variable called Iteration. Sounds like your database isn’t set up for that. You can either change the table schema to include an Iteration column, or uncheck the “Add iteration column” box in the Loop End node to turn that off.

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