Read Named Ranges: XLS Reader Node

Hi everyone,

I’ve only been working with KNIME for just over a week, so forgive me if this is plainly obvious. Although, I have found no options within the platform or questions related to this query here on the forums, so any help is appreciated.

I have an excel file with 10-15 different tables on a worksheet, and each one of them is named as a range in excel. Is there a way to read these ranges by name into KNIME? Please note that these ranges are flexible in dimensions, so I can’t plainly specify column ranges one by one, for many different XLS nodes. I could, of course, do this manually for each range every time, but that increases the reading effort for every instance where these ranges will be differently sized.

In Python, I can do that by reading ranges if a pre-specified string is pülaced just above them, using a custom function. Please let me know if that is somehow possible as well - without using a Python snippet (because that would defeat the purpose I intend to achieve, which is to migrate to KNIME entirely).


Hello -

One way you could tackle this is by using the XLS Named Range Reader node in the Erlwood Community Nodes. These are available from the Trusted Community Contributions update site… see the link below for more info.

XLS Named Range Reader Node

I hope this is helpful!



Exactly what I wanted. Thank you!

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