Read timed out while using Hive connector


I have a connection to hive which includes a simple query in the database query node, but it keeps timing out when I try to run it on knime server. It works fine on my desktop, where I did change the setting, and when I download the data before uploading it to knime, so I think it’s the timeout setting that is causing the problem in the server side.

Database Connection Table Reader - ERROR: Execute failed: org.apache.thrift.transport.TTransportException: Read timed out
Hive connector - WARNING: Your database timeout (15s) set to rather than low value for Hive. If you experience timeouts increase the value in the preference page.

There are no such property in database configuration which defines thrift session timeout.

Somebody has an idea ?


Go to knime preferences. Search for database and increase timeout. Worked for me


It works fine on my desktop. but when i try to query the data, it get time out from knime server side.
Is there any timeout property which can produce this issue on knime server side ?